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All of our translators are university-educated and are not only proficient in the languages in which they work, but also excellent writers. Most importantly, we use only native speakers.

North Sea Translations was originally established in 1999 in the Netherlands by its owner and main translator Cindi Beckman.

“While conducting doctoral research in Copenhagen in 1994 after completing my Master’s Degree in Scandinavian Languages and Literature at the University of Washington, I became interested in the Dutch language and ended up relocating to the Netherlands in 1995. I spent those first years in the Netherlands studying Dutch and perfecting my language skills. The decision to become a professional translator was an easy one, since it combined my love of languages and the written word with a passion for creativity. After more than ten years in the business, I continue to enjoy with the same eagerness the challenge that each and every text presents, regardless of size and subject matter.”

- Cindi Beckman, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish > English translator

Picture of Cindi Beckman